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Keyhaven kruise 2018

Author RonnyDG
#1 | Posted: 9 Feb 2018 02:20 
Any thoughts about a Keyhaven kruise 2018 here please.
Just to get your appetite, some reviews and images:
Keyhaven kruise 2014
Keyhaven kruise 2015
Keyhaven kruise 2017

Author Notoverthehill
#2 | Posted: 30 Mar 2018 19:05 
If we can drum up some more local interest it would be worth trying to set it up and give people from further afield something worth coming for.
I asked three young volunteers from Tools for Self Reliance ( where Julian came from a few years ago)and they might well be interested.
depending on the dates. One has sailing experience on the lakes in Germany. The weather has been so awful David and I hardly discussed it. I have three yellow Monacos now if anyone's interested to loan or buy, not for much, mainly for he Holt and Macnamara sails. , just painting the rudders. I need to find or have made some sliding seat retaining clips, for at least one of my two seats. Tpm Southampton 7,Centigrade.

Author v8deanonmsforum
#3 | Posted: 16 May 2018 18:06 
Hi Tom,
If you can get me some detailed sketches of what you need, I may be able to get some made up.

Author v8deanonmsforum
#4 | Posted: 16 May 2018 18:11 
Unfortunately, it's now unlikely that I'll be able to manage a long weekend in the UK until the summer hols start.

Author Notoverthehill
#5 | Posted: 31 May 2018 22:35 
just saw your reply. Will produce some sketches asap.Basically I'm looking for similar clips to the typical seat ones: ie a bit of curved 'tongue' to go round under the the flange of the hull to deck joint with a threaded bar to attach it ( with a wing nut usually ) to the angle plates screwed to the seat tray. Look forward to your visit or a trip to Wormer, you never know.

Author tommoore
#6 | Posted: 9 Aug 2018 13:30 
MK11 on the water, a comfortable perch

Author tommoore
#7 | Posted: 9 Aug 2018 13:51 
Just trying to remember my password, simpler than I thought. I tried my Mk1 Sprint last week It's watertight! Likewise the Mk11 Sprint, I'll take 2 to Bowmoor I think. New method of fixing seat tray uses a standard plastic rowlock holder inverted with a thin hardwood square section ' rod' 6X6 by 40mm approx. bolted through the 'top' holes leaving a 4-5 mm gap for the boat flange. 2-3mm line through the 'side' fixing holes on the rowlock holder pushed to make a tight loop over a screw on the tray abovThe 'rods' hold the top flange of the rowlock holder securely against the angled flange of the MiniSprint, 30mm deep by 5 or so thick. I think the Monaco ones are about the same.

Anyone needing a boat or even thinking of buying one at Bowmoor ? Tom Southampton

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