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Wooden Minisails

Author wooden top
#1 | Posted: 12 Jul 2017 15:00 
Hi I don`t belong to any clubs or associations.and never have.But many years ago a friend and I both brought minisails second hand and spent many happy hours sailing them together on a local lagoon ( Pagham) . Then along came Micheal fish and his famous statement no hurricane tonight madam. resulting in my much treasured wooden minisail being ripped from its beach tether and spread all over the beach in matchbox size piece`s .broken hearted at the loss of my treasured boat .I trudged up the beach muttering i will return one day when i find another wooden one the years went by work and other commitments got in the way but always at the back of my mind was the the memory of the fun I had with my boat and friend. Then along come 2 grandchildren growing up fast a now showing an interest in boats and sailing. So on to the much maligned E Bay we go look for a small Dinghy . When what should pop up but a very good condition wooden . No prizes for guessing who owns it now. The main point of my story is does any one no of the where abouts of any plans for any of the wooden style of minisail .For as I am no retired I would love to have ago at building one this Coming Winter

Author rob baker
#2 | Posted: 12 Jul 2017 21:55 
Welcome back to Minisailing.
Ronnie, will probably be able to help you.
Their are some nice wooden examples that turn up at events, you wont be on your own.

Author RonnyDG
#3 | Posted: 12 Jul 2017 23:03 
Indeed, some years ago I made a wooden Minisail Sprite.
My guides were the illustrated Richmond Marine instructions sheets to build the MS Sprite kit and a real 6ties wooden MS Sprite hull to take the dimensions from.
Most of the "making of" is documented in the Worpress blog (scroll way back several years to the beginning in 2011):

Before and during the building I made various notes, sketches and plans.

Recently I got a similar request to provide the information so as it happens I am gathering all usefull bits.
Think I have found most of them now and hang on it won't be long... But I need to find out first what is wrong with one of my drawings since I remember there is one faulty dimension in these (made me make the boat 100mm to long).
I'll send them to you once that's sorted.

Maybe, if you like "wooden top", it would be nice to have a name to reply to.


Author wooden top
#4 | Posted: 13 Jul 2017 10:54 
Hi Ronny thanks for your prompt reply. my name is Robin andI live in Bognor Regis . I await with baited breath any information you can supply me with on building a minisail. Whilst trolling the internet I have come across an article on building a wooden minsail and the restoration of a meeson which i didn`t even Know existed . very interesting project after the minisail

Cheers Robin

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